Magnet Moments – Julie Lein, BSN, RN – Clinical Nurse II – Float Pool/ED

Julie Lein, BSN, RN Clinical Nurse II - Float Pool/ED Clinical Nurse Julie Lein started volunteering with humanitarian organizations from around the world seven years before becoming a nurse. Since then, her passion and love for working with medical missions has only grown. Read more about Julie’s thoughts on how volunteering has improved her life … Continue reading Magnet Moments – Julie Lein, BSN, RN – Clinical Nurse II – Float Pool/ED

Message from the CNO – In Honor of the Women and Men in Uniform

On this day of commemoration, we recognize that the nursing profession has had a very special relationship with the military that extends back to the days of Florence Nightingale.

#MagnetMoments – Phuong Smith, RN, BSN, CMSRN, CN II

Phuong Smith, Clinical Nurse on F3, was recognized by a colleague for going above and beyond for a patient. Phuong was part of a team caring for a young patient who had been in and out of the hospital without any family or friend support.

#Magnet Moments – Malia Barshaw, RN

Malia Barshaw, SHC Clinical Nurse in the float Pool, worked with World Medical Mission to come to the aid of the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh to care for the Rohingyan people.  Malia volunteered at Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh, the only place able to give orthopedic surgical interventions to the Rohingya refugees who have … Continue reading #Magnet Moments – Malia Barshaw, RN

Alicia Mascote Provides Medical Relief in Nepal

Alicia Mascote, Clinical Nurse on D3, shares a beautiful journal entry documenting her life-changing mission trip providing medical relief in Nepal. Read her full story below and also featured in the Magnet Showcase outside of Nursing Administration by the escalators on the ground floor through February. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, Alicia!

LTR Achievement and Celebration

Last month, we celebrated with each of the units who reached 90th percentile and above on their Likelihood to Recommend (LTR) scores. This is truly a cause for celebration as I know how each one of you work so hard to make every patient feel that they are supported and well taken care of. I … Continue reading LTR Achievement and Celebration

Kudos to the E3 Staff

What a week this has been for the E3 staff, let me give you the story. Tuesday from 06:00 – 09:00 and Friday from 17:00-20:00, a full Barista and set up was in the conference room for all to have any type of coffee drink and pastry they wanted. Wednesday and Thursday, for lunch and … Continue reading Kudos to the E3 Staff