Being Mortal

As nurses in a health care system we are often faced with patients who are making end of life decisions at the most critical times of their lives. We also know that these are thoughtful decisions that require conversations with family and loved ones. To bring this conversation to a national level, NPR recently produced … Continue reading Being Mortal

The Stanford Operating System (SOS)

Most of you by now have participated in some type of Stanford Operating System work. It might have been a 5S, a Kaizen event, crafting an A-3 for problem solving or using a simple think pad on your unit to work through a problem. Many of you might be thinking “Oh great, the flavor of … Continue reading The Stanford Operating System (SOS)

Nurse of the Year Awardees 2015

“This Is Who We Are" Lauren Reifsnyder, Yu Yang, and Gayle Ma - D1CCU/CSU “Lauren is an inspiration to work alongside. She is intelligent, a critical thinker, and has an amazing ability to connect with her patients. Lauren uses her creativity to go above and beyond with her patients; from creating clothes out of central supply … Continue reading Nurse of the Year Awardees 2015


Happy Nurses Week from my heart to yours. When you think of the work you do, the contributions you make, you are incredible. Below you will find a poem written for nurses by Tim Engberg. He is a nurse, a patient, a Vice President at SHC and a talented poet that captures who we are … Continue reading HAPPY NURSE WEEK

Honoring The First CCU Nurses

Where were you in 1966? I was certainly not at Stanford yet, but last week I met a group of nurses who set the stage for nursing practice at Stanford. In the early sixties medicine was grappling with how to care for patients after a heart attack. At that time, the primary method to respond … Continue reading Honoring The First CCU Nurses

Celebrating Shared Leadership

Last week was our 11 month report out for our Shared Leadership Councils. We held a celebration wherein over 20 unit based councils shared the results of their unit council goals. All of the councils used an A3 problem solving worksheet to focus their efforts. Some councils focused on the critical patient issue of “help … Continue reading Celebrating Shared Leadership

The Best of the Rest

Last week I shared a bit about our New Grads here at Stanford Health Care. This week I attended the last work day for Kim Bollinger from E29 ( North ICU). I do believe that staff pulled out all the stops to give her a Pot Luck spread to rival any buffet I have ever … Continue reading The Best of the Rest

Nurse Residency Program Cohort

Do you remember your first days on the unit as a new nurse? Do you remember the anxiety that accompanied those days? Who was your preceptor, where were you, what caused the greatest angst? We are very fortunate to have a successful University Health System Consortium (UHC) Nurse Residency Program here at Stanford Health Care. … Continue reading Nurse Residency Program Cohort