Stanford Nursing’s DAISY Honorees (December 2021)

I would like to congratulate each of our exceptional December 2021 DAISY Award recipients from last week. During the DAISY Awarding Ceremony, I enjoyed listening to the wonderful exemplars written by patients or the nurse’s colleagues describing each nurse’s extraordinary acts of compassionate care. I would like to especially highlight that two of our DAISY awardees are from the recent cohort of our Nurse Residency New Grad program. Congratulations again to this well-deserving group of DAISY Award honorees!

With respect and admiration, 
Dale Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nurse Executive and VP of Patient Care Services
|Teacher // Equalizer| 

December 2021 DAISY Award Recipients
Join us in celebrating and recognizing these 6 extraordinary nurses who received this meaningful International Award this month!
SHC adopted the DAISY program in 2006 and since then has honored over 100 SHC nurses with this special recognition.
Special congratulations to our December DAISY Recipients!

Addie McClendon, RN
Unit: E Ground
“Addie McClendon has proven to be a team player on EGR, a nurse & patient/caregiver advocate, a strong clinician, a leader, and an overall caring, compassionate soul. She consistently goes above and beyond to support patients, their families, and the E Ground team, especially during transitions to end of life care.”

Christine Wolfer, RN
Unit: J2
“Christine Wolfer is the perfect example of what a nurse should be, and she consistently goes above and beyond for both patients and her coworkers. Recently, we had a young patient who was placed on comfort care the day after his 20th birthday. Christine arranged to have his favorite cheeseburger and fries delivered and brought in a customized cake and balloons with his favorite animated character. He was able to share one last birthday with his family and find some comfort in his favorite foods. This is only one example of the many kind and selfless acts you can find Christine doing every single day.”

Jerald Del Pilar
Unit: J4 ICU
“I was unexpectedly admitted into ICU because of cardiac complications due to cancer. Not only was Jerald Del Pilar a fantastic medical nurse, but also a great emotional support for me. When I had to shave my hair, he played Katy Perry, helped me open up about my feelings, and then he brought me a goodie bag and a beautiful pink journal to write my daily happy moments. He also had all the nurses write beautiful notes of inspiration on a get-well card. It is a gesture that will stay with me through this journey and one I will never forget.”

Yan “Carol” Li, RN
Unit: J2
“Carol always provides exceptional and compassionate care. She has precepted many new nurses and one day, mid-morning when a fresh heart transplant patient became asystolic, Carol stayed calm and taught her preceptee what he needed to do to provide excellent care. Most importantly, Carol prioritized updating family in a way that the patient’s wife could understand. Carol is a fierce patient advocate and always goes above and beyond to coordinate care for her patients.”

Edward Kao
Unit: C2
“Edward’s approach to nursing goes above and beyond basic patient care and is rooted in constant empathy and compassion. Edward was the nurse for a young end of life patient with an extended stay related to uncontrolled pain and a complex discharge with home hospice. He advocated for this patient, working with a multitude of resources to expedite her discharge home. Edward also garnered permission to take the patient outside daily while hospitalized, which gave this patient the energy and motivation needed to make it to her goal of getting home and seeing her children in her final days.” (*Edward is now in E1)

Nick Lynch, RN
Unit: K7
“Nick Lynch is well known for his kindness, humor, dedication and engagement, but above all his selflessness. Nick unhesitatingly volunteers to support K7 as resource nurse and has precepted many nurses. He is beloved on both the unit and research council for his steadfast, supportive encouragement. As the current Chair of SLC Research Council, Nick is heavily involved at the forefront of SHC research, including his current project analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on nurses across the acuity spectrum at SHC.”

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