Stanford Health Care Annual Shared Leadership Council Retreat: “SLC– Standing Together, We are One”

Thank you to the over 400 nurses and interprofessionals who participated in the Shared Leadership Council (SLC) Annual Retreat on Tuesday, December 7th. I appreciate each of you sharing your voice and participating in the backbone of our professional practice and what I call SHC’s “secret sauce”– our committed and engaged SLC. What an honor it is to serve with you frontline leaders as we drive improvements in quality care, expand our professional practice, and wholeheartedly care for our community together.
During Tuesday’s retreat we had the opportunity to hear from David Entwistle, President and Chief Executive Officer, during our Fireside Chat. We also spent some time with Quinn McKenna, Chief Operating Officer, as he updated us on our FY22 Operational Plan. By spending time with SHC’s leaders, we continue to promote transparency and create a dynamic shared vision for our organization’s future.
We also took some time during the SLC Retreat to celebrate achievements from this past year. 2021 has brought great expansions to SLC and SHC’s professional nursing, especially with the Registered Nurse Coordinator (RNC) Clinical Ladder, Professional Nurse Development Pathway (PNDP) advancements, and the successful completion of many Action Request Forms (ARF). What a rewarding year it has been for SHC’s Shared Leadership Councils (Organization-wide and Ambulatory) and our many outstanding SLC members. It is my hope that in 2022 SLC’s collective commitment and innovative care will shine just as brightly as we reflect our motto, “SLC- Standing Together, We are One.

Dale Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nurse Executive and VP of Patient Care Services
|Teacher // Equalizer| 

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