Congratulations to our DAISY Awardees

The DAISY Foundation is embedded into over 4,500 healthcare facilities and nursing schools, and honors nurses in 29 countries across the world. The DAISY Award provides meaningful recognition by celebrating exemplary patient experience, promoting a healthy work environment, and therefore elevating nursing engagement.
During 2020 nurses are no longer unsung heroes but instead are being recognized and thanked for their dedication to healing patients, communities, and the world throughout this global pandemic. During this week’s SLC Retreat, we were honored by the presence of Bonnie and Mark Barnes, Founders of the DAISY Foundation. Bonnie and Mark highlighted, “SHC’s DAISY honorees are the epitome of the excellence and heart that is DAISY.” Please take a moment to congratulate your coworkers and friends on receiving this momentous award for their extraordinary contributions and compassionate patient care.
RN Name (Winner)Unit
Paras BarnettFloat Pool
Cindy NhamJ5
Monique ValbuenaJ5
Ann RoverK4
Roberto RodriguezPrimary Care Employer-Based Clinic
Lindsay GhaliAdult ED

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