43rd Annual National Nursing Assistant Day 6-18-2020

Message from Dale Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President of Patient Care Service June 18, 2020
Dear Colleagues,  
This week, it is my honor to showcase the much loved and respected members of our team- our Nursing Assistants. On Thursday, June 18th, we celebrate our exemplary Nursing Assistants during the much anticipated 43rd Annual National Nursing Assistant Day. As an integral member of our nursing and interprofessional team, Nursing Assistants have been remarkable in providing compassionate care and brightening the lives of others. With each interaction with patients, they holistically offer care and comfort while meaningfully impacting our patients and our community. We sincerely appreciate the indispensable work and tremendous contributions that all of our Nursing Assistants accomplish on a daily basis as we embrace a culture of excellence dedicated to sustaining the highest standards of care.  (See below for some of the extraordinary Nursing Assistants who were nominated by their team for putting their heart and soul into providing meaningful and exceptional patient care!)  
Furthermore, I would like to thank you for completing your Standout Engagement Pulse Survey, which officially closed yesterday, June 17th. We are looking forward to reviewing everyone’s valuable input as we continue our journey towards organization-wide excellence in patient care and employee engagement.
With respect and admiration,        
Dale Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Office and VP of Patient Care Services

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