Stanford Nursing DAISY Awardees (May 2020)

Nurses Week Celebration at Stanford Health Care will not be complete without honoring our #DAISY awardees. Congratulations to Erika Medrano, Michelle Liem, Manreet Sahota, and Erin Babcok!!! “Thank you for exemplifying nursing excellence– above and beyond!!!” says Dale E. Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC CNO Stanford Health Care #nursesweek #virtualcelebrations #socialdistancing #stanfordhealthcare The DAISY Foundation #compassionatecare #nurseschangelives special thanks to Elisa Nguyen for facilitating SHC DAISY program with passion and pride!

Again, congratulations to our DAISY awardees: Erika Medrano, Erin BabcockManreet Sahota, Michelle Liem.
Thank you for your excellence, exceptional care and exemplary professional practice. 
·        Click here to read excerpts from the DAISY winners’ nominations.

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