Post Nurses Week Celebration

Message from Dale (Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President of Patient Care Services)

May 15, 2020
Last week was a celebratory event that I look forward to all year long– it was a week that we recognized and celebrated all of the amazing and thoughtful work that you talented, skillful, and brilliant nurses do every day. As I spent the week rounding and personally thanking you all for your hard work, dedication, and selfless commitment to excellent patient care, I felt honored to witness glimpses of the exceptional care you provide. I saw nurses compassionately holding their patient’s hands, speaking on the phone to advocate for their patient’s care, and assisting patients in ambulation along the hallways.
Each time I witnessed one of these acts of an exemplary nurse, I was again reminded why we take this entire week to thank you all that are serving at the frontlines and behind the scenes; you are all inspirational heroes. With this in mind, and in the spirit of 2020 being the Year of the Nurse, I hope you all had a happy and healthy Nurses Week.

With respect and admiration,

Dale Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Office and VP of Patient Care Services

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