Message from Dale (Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President of Patient Care Services) 4-9-2020

Dear Colleagues,

It has been four weeks since Santa Clara’s shelter-in-place order was initiated and our current social-distancing guidelines were implemented. It is so inspiring to see California residents work together towards flattening the curve by complying with these mandates to protect each other and the community.

Last week, I, together with two Clinical Directors- Elisa Nguyen and Maureen Fay and the Nursing Excellence team visited our new COVID-designated units including B1, D1, D2, K4, and M7, as well as, other units with COVID patients such as E2 and M4. During these night-shift rounds, I had the honor of being accompanied by Michelle Cerezo and Dexter Baltazar, two of our exemplary clinical nurses from the critical-care response team, as well as, by a representative from the Nursing Excellence department. I was encouraged by your teamwork and dedication as we rounded on these units and spoke with frontline healthcare professionals.  As always, I am in awe of the countless ways that you provide support for each other and for your patients. From the beginning of this outbreak, it has been the humble commitment of SHC leadership to do everything in our capacity, to ensure the safety of our staff, patients, and community. It has been reassuring to hear from you that you feel supported and safe.

Despite social distancing, Stanford nurses and interprofessionals have exhibited a spirit of camaraderie while continuing to provide exemplary patient care, and I have appreciated your values of friendship, work-family, and your commitment to excellence.

This 1.

Thank you to all the healthcare workers at Stanford and around the world for all that you do — you all make a difference!

With respect and admiration,


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