Message from the CNO – 2.20.20

It is with great privilege that I announce that Rudy Arthofer, MHA, BSN, RN, has been promoted to the Associate Chief Nursing Officer of Inpatient Access, Capacity, and Throughput & Efficiency. Mr. Arthofer has over 20 years of nursing leadership experience, 13 of which have been at Stanford Health Care (SHC). In his new role, Rudy will promote Nursing and Patient Care Services’ capacity to care for patients in concert with the Stanford Hospital Leadership, School of Medicine Physicians, Interventional Platform, and Emergency Department teams.

Please join me in congratulating Mr. Arthofer on his new and expanded role. Rudy’s official start date will be February 23, 2020.

Shared Leadership Council CNO Town Hall
CNO Townhall 2
Last week, we once again converted the Shared Leadership Council’s Leadership Development Session into a CNO Town Hall. More than 450 nurses and interprofessionals, frontline leaders, and management advisers engaged in professional discussion and shared feedback about the continued efforts to support our professional practice and meet the demands of the workplace. The following topics were presented and openly discussed at our Shared Leadership Council:
• Staffing by acuity
• Leveraging acuity via Epic
• Revised staffing grids
• Inpatient satisfaction
• Plan for violence in the workplace
• SHC parking

As I keep my commitment to ensure collaborative closed-loop communication and provide transparency, I thank all of you for your ongoing professionalism, pride, and understanding as we work and navigate through this transition together.

I am very grateful to have the exceptional privilege of serving with such an amazing team of nurses & interprofessionals. I appreciate your tremendous professional contributions and dedication to providing high-quality, compassionate care to our patients and families, one another, and our community every single day.

CNO Townhall

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