Nurse Resident Graduation – Cohort 25

On Tuesday, last week, we celebrated the one-year graduation of 23 nurse residents in Cohort 25, into independent professional practice. Each year we sponsor approximately 50 brilliant newly graduated nurses. We have one of the most successful programs in the country with a one-year retention rate of 93%.

I want to acknowledge the entire team at the Center for Education and Professional Development for their leadership, coordination, guidance, and continuous mentoring of Stanford Nurses in this very important program that successfully transitions graduate nurses into practice.

Also recognized during the graduation ceremony were five extraordinary preceptors: Aileen Custodio, BSN, RN, OCN (Outpatient), Karlene Mills, BSN, RN (H1), Helen Goodson, BSN, RN, ONC (DGR), Victoria Harwager, BSN, RN, PCCN,  (D2) and Angela Schmidt,  MSN, RN-BC (G2P)


Contributed by Lisa Muniz, MSN, MBA, RN – Nursing Professional Development Specialist



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