#MagnetMoments – Phuong Smith, RN, BSN, CMSRN, CN II

Phuong Smith, Clinical Nurse on F3, was recognized by a colleague for going above and beyond for a patient. Phuong was part of a team caring for a young patient who had been in and out of the hospital without any family or friend support. The patient’s appearance was making the patient visibly upset. Phuong took time out of her shift to give the patient an amazing haircut. The patient was so happy they cried tears of joy; they were so thankful and absolutely loved their new look. Phuong even brought in some of her own products from home and helped the patient style their hair. Phuong exemplifies the caring HEART of Stanford Nursing.

Please see our Nursing Recognition Showcases updated monthly!!


We are committed to a culture of support and recognition of the great work and care we deliver every day.  Do you know someone presenting at a conference, receiving an award, or celebrating professional accomplishment? Please share your stories with us so we can help spread the word, inspire others, and rally behind you and your teams.  


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