CNO Message – National Patient Safety Week!

Dear Colleagues,

We had a fun week this week celebrating our commitment to patient safety during National Patient Safety Awareness Week–an annual education and awareness campaign for patient safety led by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF).  On Monday, our Stanford Patient Safety Team hosted the annual Patient Safety Fair with the theme of “Heroes for Patient Safety.”  Groups from all over the organization showcased their quality improvement work using “superhero” ideas to decorate their tables & posters. Thank you to all that participated in this fun,  productive event.  Additionally, I would like to thank all patient care colleagues for their continued dedication and commitment to safe patient care.

Do you have a colleague that you would like to nominate for contribution to safety?  Nominate them for a Safety STAR Awardclick here

More info on the SHC Patient Safety Department & photos below!  🙂

The “Culture of Safety” and the “Just Culture” of an organization affect every individual, including patients. The SHC Patient Safety Department is designed to identify gaps and vulnerabilities that can impact the care we provide while paying close attention to the needs of our staff and physicians.  Applying “Just Culture” principles when handling medical errors lays the foundation for a good culture of safety and allows the organization to learn from the error and prevent future harm.

Here at SHC, the Patient Safety team helps to manage the SAFE reporting system and facilitates Root Cause Analysis activity to determine how our systems could better support the daily work of our staff and prevent adverse events.  Patient Safety strives to educate, support, and partner with the front line staff and physicians in order to promote a system which makes it easy to do the right thing, and difficult to do the wrong thing. The Patient Safety Team is also available for consultation when practice/process changes are on the horizon.  This ensures that patient safety remains at the forefront during every stage of design. We are experts in our field and trained to see the downstream effects of process development and change.

It is also important to recognize exceptional safety practice which is why we coordinate an employee recognition program, known as the Patient Safety Star Award, to celebrate staff for their efforts in making patient safety a priority.  A staff member or a physician is identified monthly for exemplifying excellence in patient safety via nomination from colleagues.  Nominations are reviewed and voted on by a multidisciplinary panel.  The winner is recognized at the Monthly Manger’s Meeting.


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