Message from the CNO – Week 9 of 2018

Dear Colleagues,
Last week we celebrated 12 units that reached their department Press Ganey goals in the category of Likelihood to Recommend. Quinn McKenna, COO, and I had a great time rounding and celebrating with each of these departments. Below you can see a few photos.
Another exciting event that happened this week was the opening of the Stanford Walk-In Clinic located at Stanford Hoover Pavilion. The Walk-In Clinic is a new service we are providing at Stanford to help increase same-day access for our patients with minor illness or injury and unable to obtain an appointment in Primary Care or Express Care. This new service also helps us decrease unnecessary ER visits and assist with patient flow. The clinic has had tremendous success in only a few short days. To learn more, click here: Stanford Walk-In Clinic
Likelihood to Recommend Celebrations
B1, B3, C2, D1, D3, Dgr, E1, E3, F3, Fgr, G1, G2S

LTR Rounding Feb 2018

Warms Regards,
Dale Beatty, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Officer / VP Patient Care Services

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