#Magnet Moments – Malia Barshaw, RN

Malia Malia Barshaw, SHC Clinical Nurse in the float Pool, worked with World Medical Mission to come to the aid of the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh to care for the Rohingyan people.

 Malia volunteered at Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh, the only place able to give orthopedic surgical interventions to the Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar. Malia joined the doctors, surgeons and staff there who have dedicated their lives to serving the people of Bangladesh, and now to the nearly million Rohingya refugees.

The Rohingya Muslims living in Rakhine State in Myanmar have a long history of persecution which most recently culminated in a violent ethnic cleansing against them, resulting in over one million Rohingya having fled to Bangladesh to escape the horrific brutalities.

 The refugees are mostly women and children who are traumatized, and some are arriving with injuries caused by gunshots, shrapnel, fire and landmines. The arrival of the refugees are adding massive pressure to services in existing refugee camps, and conditions in the camps are critical.

Malia’s passion is to inspire and motivate other nurses interprofessionals at Stanford to volunteer for a medical mission and serve those in need. “What I love about nursing is that my job is to love people– Nurture people and heal people. May we all be mindful of the people who come into our path, even if it is just a short passing– there is always LOVE you can give someone. There is always RESPECT you can give a stranger. And there is always HOPE you can inspire.”


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