Sharing Best Practice in the Global Arena of Healthcare

Embracing our international colleagues is of the utmost importance to the fiber of who we are as a third-time Magnet® designated organization.

This year we will be welcoming international nursing students, professors, practitioners, and nurse leaders from colleges and hospital settings in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Norway and Sweden.

In collaboration with our Stanford Department of International Medicine, Stanford Nursing hosts visitors for two, four, and eight week programs designed to provide a rich overview of our nursing structures, and processes as well as a deep dive in clinical areas of expertise with a review of outcomes.

These immersive experiences showcase our Shared Leadership Council 8-hour day model, our nurse–led programs for cardiovascular health, transplantation, and neurosciences.

The sharing of best practices by both parties makes for a robust global healthcare exchange.

I admire the commitment of Stanford Nursing to be at the center of innovation as we continuously strive to discover new and improved ways in which to deliver the best patient/ family care.

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