Third Annual International Knowledge Exchange Program

September 2016, Stanford Health Care (SHC) participated in the Third Annual International Knowledge Exchange Program between SHC and Uppsala University Hospital. Uppsala University Hospital is a level I, large academic medical center with a 1000 bed capacity, located in Uppsala, Sweden.

SHC represented by Anita Girard (Magnet Program Director), Patrice Duhon (Manager of Nursing Quality Department), Mary Lough (Evidence-based Practice Coordinator), Elizabeth Borgueta (E2 ICU Clinical Nurse IV) was received with much warmth and respect.

We met with Uppsala University Hospital leaders who were thrilled to have us visit and who were enthusiastic that SHC could actively promote the ANCC’s Magnet program.

The schedule was packed with agendas from conferences to clinical immersion.  Anita Girard presented to their Board of Directors about Magnet accreditation program including its benefits to the patients, the nurses and the organization.  Anita shared Stanford Health Care’s inspiring journey to excellence and the recent remarkable third Magnet re-designation.  In the afternoon after the presentation, members of the board of directors expressed that Anita Girard’s talk was very powerful, and it will help them make a decision to strive for Magnet accreditation and to continue to commit to nursing excellence.

Uppsala University Hospital also hosted nursing grand rounds, Quality Department conference, Nurse Managers’ meeting, and HR-Finance-Administrators conference for SHC to talk about our successes through the Magnet Program.  “Magnetic” concepts of shared leadership in SHC became a very empowering topic to the Uppsala University Hospital’s bedside nurses, nurse leaders, and collaborative team.

During the Nursing Grand Rounds, the nurses from Uppsala University Hospital who visited SHC year 2015, presented excellent nursing practices they adapted from SHC.

They narrated how the SHC’s bedside reporting model made a significant impact on their nursing practice, improving patient satisfaction and RN to RN transfer of care.  SHC nurses during clinical immersion were inspired by their best practices of hygiene (e.g. hand hygiene, white uniform for all staff including RNs and MDs with nothing below the elbow line), environmental awareness (having six waste segregation system) and their remarkable “person-centered” care.

We also participated in their wound rounds, and we were able to contribute as they develop a plan of action in pressure injury risk assessment and prevention of hospital-acquired pressure injury.

The week-long experience culminated as the officers and nurse leaders representing 65,000 members of the National Association of Swedish Nurses introduced the four of us from Stanford Health Care as their distinguished guest speakers promoting commitment towards nursing excellence, nurse empowerment, shared leadership and the Magnet Accreditation Program at their quarterly meeting. It was a very humbling experience to hear nurse leaders from different hospitals of another nation expressed admiration and interest to partner with SHC as they foresee Stanford Health Care influencing the nursing profession and the dynamic global health care system.

A handful of them will also attend the ANCC’s Magnet Conference this October in Orlando, Florida and are excited to cheer us as we celebrate our prestigious Magnet re-designation.

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