Tragedy In Orlando

Dear Nursing Colleagues,

One of the realities of health care is that we spend time preparing for disasters.  Although we fervently hope that we never have to experience such tragic events, there are times that such incidents can provide us with ample preparation to ensure that we deliver efficient and compassionate care to the injured. The recent shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando is an example of such a tragedy.  Our hearts go out to the families of the 49 people who lost their lives and 53 others who were treated at local hospitals, and the LBGT community.  The bulk of those patients were transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC), which like SHC, is the Level 1 Trauma Center.

When it comes to tragic events like the Orlando shooting, healthcare providers naturally have a sense of wanting to help and we would like to let you know about an opportunity here at SHC today.  One of the requests from ORMC is the urgent need for blood donation, and we have a donation scheduled in the Atrium today until 6PM.  This event was previously scheduled in honor of World Blood Donor Day; which has the pertinent theme of: Blood Connects Us All.  One of the objectives of this campaign is to highlight the connection between blood donors and patients, and it is also a way that we can meet a vital need of our health care community who is working to treat the traumatized patients of the shooting. We encourage all of you who are willing and able to donate blood to visit the Atrium today, as one way of showing SHC’s support for patients, families and health care workers. For other opportunites to donate blood, please visit the Stanford Blood Center website at

It is not only blood donations that the survivors and families need, but compassion.  Therapy dogs share love and compassion with those who are suffering.  We were touched by the story of the dogs who were sent to Orlando to provide comfort to the survivors, families, and health care professionals.  It is a reminder that in nursing, we are cognizant of the need for both the art and science of caring. We would like to remind any of you who are feeling distressed by this event to reach out for support if need with EAP, Cuddles for Caregiver, Compassion Rounds, or Tea for the Soul.

At SHC, we continue to prepare for disasters in hopes that we never have to enact these skills, but we are confident that if such a thing were to happen in the Bay Area, we will receive the emotional and caring support from the global health care community.



Nancy Lee, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President of Patient care Services and Chief Nursing Officer

Wendy Foad, MS, RN, NEA- BC,   Associate Chief Nursing Officer

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