Immersive Learning Experience Workshop

Sharing best practices is an integral approach for Stanford as a learning organization. We strive to continuously transform health care and the nursing profession. Since the inception of Shared Leadership Councils (SLC) in 2014, we have been sharing our improvement approaches and successes in national conferences such as the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) National Magnet Conference. SLC have become a representation of a front line clinician involvement with the Stanford Operating System.

In April 2015, 10 attendees joined SLC for an Immersive Learning Experience Workshop. Participants came from Florida Hospital Orlando (adult), Florida Hospital for Children, Salem Health Oregon, and Kaiser Permanente San Francisco. A year later, Florida Hospital for Children presented us with exciting news that they will go live with the Stanford’s 8-hour day council model on April 21, 2016. Likewise, Florida Hospital Orlando just concluded their Shared Governance retreat.

 “I wanted to make sure I shared that our journey has begun and it is only because of the inspiration we received from Stanford,” stated in an email by Kate Dorminy, Director of Nursing Education and Professional Development, Florida Hospital Orlando.

Kaiser Permanente also celebrated their first house-wide council meeting 8 months after attending the Immersive Learning Experience Workshop (ILEW). To top it all, the clinical nurse who attended the Magnet and Professional Growth & Development Council became the first nurse in Kaiser SF to obtain a certification.

Just recently, SLC launched its second annual Immersive Learning Experience Workshop (ILEW). The ILEW workshop was a 2-day event participated by 10 attendees from three external organizations: Kaiser Permanente SF, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center, Fairview health Services, and Stanford Children’s. The first day started with sharing of best practices, hospital tour of both Stanford and Children’s, and immersion into the SLC meeting the follow day. On the first day, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center presented their interprofessional shared governance structure. It was followed by a hospital tour of the different nursing units. The visitors were very impressed with how the council goals in A3 format were displayed on the visibility boards. Information on the SLC bulletin board was aligned with the council goal setting and the Action Request Form (ARF) submission process. The visitors quickly realized the culture of continuous process improvement and active daily management that is embedded in the council work.

SLC has been transforming the professional practice environment at Stanford. As we sustain the principles of accountability, ownership, partnership, and equity, both leadership and frontline staff are empowered to transform the delivery of patient quality care.


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