Celebrating 45 Years of Service

This last week was the 57th Annual Awards Banquet and Susan Cabral and her team outdid themselves yet again. From the red carpet entry to the professional photo studio, it was truly a grand event.

It was also the last banquet of our CEO, Amir Dan Rubin, he will be sorely missed.

But I want to share with you the celebration of the career of one of our long term nurses, John Green. John celebrated his 45th work anniversary with Stanford Health Care. In those 45 years, John contributed to SHC in many ways. A few things you might not know about our always optimistic, can do John Green.

John came to California from Mississippi in or around 1970. He started working with Stanford as a student worker on Patient Foods. Two years later, he was promoted to a tray carrier up on the units. The very next year in 1973, John became a Unit Secretary on W2B, then on for a stint in North ICU. In 1987, John decided he would try out the operating rooms. In the next several years, John held various roles throughout the organization, including a Staffer in the nurse staffing office. In 1996, John completed his nursing school and started as a new grad on D3. Three years later, he became one of our few and valued float nurses.

As John worked through the various units in the hospital, he became well known as the float nurse who could handle anything. If anyone needed help, John was there. If no one else would float to an area, he would say sure. As he continued to explore other units, John decided that he needed to take an ACLS and an EKG course so he could be a better IICU float Nurse, while still float to all the other MedSurg units. Not long after, John, on his own, decided he needed to be a certified Oncology Nurse so he could support the Oncology patients. He also became a dedicated member of the CRONA leadership team and served on their Board of Directors.

I know that every time I would see John in any unit, it would make me smile. I’ve seen the same reaction from many of you. Well, John has decided that it is time to leave SHC and start the next phase of his life with his lovely wife. Next week will be his last week so please join me in thanking John for all of the contributions he has made to our organization and our patients.

John, we will miss you terribly and wish the very best for you.John Green



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