Magnet Conference 2015

Last week, over 40 Stanford nurses joined 9500 nurses worldwide in attending the annual Magnet Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the practices we learned was that many hospitals have their CNO’s writing a blog. We also discovered that many of them had guest contributors as surprise bloggers. Our Stanford nurses thought of adapting this practice for this blog. Every so often, we will be inviting guest bloggers to contribute their stories and share ideas with you. The Magnet conference brings a great opportunity to hear from our very own nursing staff. Our first two guest bloggers hail from E2 and E3. Please read what they have to say about their experience at Magnet conference this year.


2015 magnet Collage


It is incredible that there are currently 422 Magnet Hospitals!  The Magnet Conference was an amazing experience. It reminded me of why I chose Stanford as a place to practice my profession. It was neat to see how many of the best practices that were presented at the conference… we were already doing.  In particular, there was much discussion on the implementation of CAUTI and CLASBI bundles; many were just starting to look at these issues of nursing care. Also MD and RN communication was another hot topic. I was so proud to see how we were leading the way by presenting our new Shared Leadership Model. It was exciting to see how interested other institutions were with this new model. I noticed the things that I take for granted from working in a center of innovation like Stanford, other institutions were just beginning to explore. The Magnet Conference is open to all staff to attend. I challenge you to submit an abstract for conference next year. I would love to see more Stanford Nurses presenting our great work at posters and podiums.

Magnet Conference in Orlando, Florida – October 5-7, 2016

Leean Rodolfich, MSN, RN, CNL, CCRN – E2ICU APCM


This was my first time attending the Magnet Conference and I was amazed with all the enthusiasm and excitement from so many nurses. I now have a better understanding of what it means to be a part of a magnet facility and the pride that comes with that. It was truly empowering to see and hear about the innovations that nurse leaders are doing all over the country. After attending the conference I feel enlightened and motivated to take what I have learned back to my unit and SLC. Looking forward to attending the conference next year!

Amber Kottwitz, BSN, RN – E3 Clinical Nurse


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