Welcome to Stanford Nursing

Last week I got to give my “ Welcome to Stanford Nursing” comments to the largest group of new Graduate Nurses ever. Every single one of us can remember how that first job out of school felt. We had been on patient care units while in school but nothing completely prepares you for those first weeks . I am sure that you probably remember your preceptor. I do, mine was Ann Demon, RN. In fact, I saw her last holiday season and it was great fun to talk about us so long ago. Starting this week, September 21st, you will start to see our newly minted nurses on the floor.

A few facts about them that might surprise you:

  • There are 33 Nurse Residents out of 407 applicants
  • They represent 17 different Schools of Nursing
  • Over 50% of them are second career nurses
  • Average age of 27.5
  • A whopping 15% are menStanford Nurse Residents2

Our new grad pool is one of our most successful recruitment tools . As we look to opening our new Hospital, we will need upwards of 500 additional nurses to take care of our increased volume of patients. How we all help to launch the professional nursing careers of these new grads will determine the difference they will make in nursing in the future.

Please join me in Welcoming them to Stanford Health Care.

Yours in Nursing,


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