Growing Together… Leading the Way….

I had the privilege of kicking off the Shared Leadership Council Annual Retreat on Sept 2, 2015. More than 200 nurse leaders from all levels of care, 30 inter-professional partners, and 4 patient family partners were able to attend this all day retreat.

We started this inspiring day discussing our shared vision for Stanford Nursing. Keeping with our Lean philosophy, the new Nursing  Strategic Plan for Fiscal Year  2016 was developed  and presented in A3 format. Thank you to all the many nurses, at different venues, who provided input to clarify our vision as we move forward as a center of innovation  in this every changing world of healthcare. As I stood at the podium I was overwhelmed by the talent, commitment and energy in the room. I am so, very honored to work with such amazing staff.

The goal of this year’s retreat was to assess, plan, and evaluate the current Shared Leadership structure, processes, and outcomes to ensure alignment with the SHC Strategic Plan, Professional Practice Model, and Magnet Model.

To achieve this goal we:

  • Reviewed the bylaws, ensuring council goals alignment with the strategic plan and Magnet accountabilities.
  • Evaluated the application of the Professional Practice Model concepts in daily practice, identification of opportunities for improvement, and recommended dissemination plan.
  • Displayed A3 posters of the council goals to showcase the accomplishments of both house-wide and unit-based councils.

The theme of the day was teamwork and collaboration. Video clips from the Lego Movie were shared throughout the day to extend the message of teamwork, collaboration and most importantly, harnessing innovation and leadership in every individual. Believe that there is a “Master Builder” in you.

The entire retreat was planned and facilitated by the Coordinating Council  in collaboration with the Magnet Professional Growth & Development Council. All of the presentations and work sessions were facilitated by nurses and reported out by our very own staff. This is what a staff led organization looks like. I am filled with pride because each one of you worked together to make Shared Leadership a reality in our organization. Congratulations!

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