Nurse of the Year Awardees 2015

“This Is Who We Are”


Lauren Reifsnyder, Yu Yang, and Gayle Ma – D1CCU/CSU

“Lauren is an inspiration to work alongside. She is intelligent, a critical thinker, and has an amazing ability to connect with her patients. Lauren uses her creativity to go above and beyond with her patients; from creating clothes out of central supply goods, for a patient who didn’t have clothes and was heading home; to utilizing and creating tools to help her patients reach their goals. Lauren treats patient holistically, treating the body, mind, and spirit. Lauren stops to listen, gives attention to detail and safety. Besides, who could resist that smile?”

“Yu delivers expert, safe, and compassionate care. Yu is also described as genuine, heartfelt and compassionate. Yu’s demeanor and bedside nursing care are the best! She always remains calm in crisis, allowing her to make critical decision and actions quickly and with precision. Yu is experienced and extremely knowledgeable!”

“Gayle knows everything about everything!  She’s kind, caring and compassionate.  I would trust her in every way to advocate for me. Other quotes about Gayle included how she is always cheerful, caring, and has a smile on her face”

Please click on gallery below to view more of our other wonderful awardees!


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