Happy Nurses Week from my heart to yours. When you think of the work you do, the contributions you make, you are incredible. Below you will find a poem written for nurses by Tim Engberg. He is a nurse, a patient, a Vice President at SHC and a talented poet that captures who we are so well.

Thanks Tim.

A Poem for Stanford Nurses

There are times when we wonder

what our work has become;

sometimes we’re caught up

in the busy-ness of our work

we forget what who we are;

we get frustrated, aggravated,

pushed to the limit;

sometime we’re tired;

and then a miracle happens,

we smile and hold the hand of a patient,

we help them feel

“part of the human family;”

maybe a patient thanks us,

and tells us “you’re so very special”

and then the warmth grows in our heart, and the “tyranny of the moment” disappears,

and in that moment,

we recall what we represent;

human dignity,




caring action,

leadership and;


May you always remember the comfort you bring;

May you always remember the pain you relieve;

May you experience the touchstone of courage;

May you never despair;

Fore in your acceptance of this work,

You will be blessed,

With tenderness, patience and love;

You have been given a “Heart good as Gold!”


2 thoughts on “HAPPY NURSE WEEK

  1. This blog really shows the awesome nurses and things happening at Stanford that we may not be aware. I love learning about colleagues, their accomplishments and many talents (poem writing for one) that I would not have known about if it wasn’t for the blog. Thank you!!!!
    Helen E1


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