Celebrating Shared Leadership

Last week was our 11 month report out for our Shared Leadership Councils. We held a celebration wherein over 20 unit based councils shared the results of their unit council goals. All of the councils used an A3 problem solving worksheet to focus their efforts. Some councils focused on the critical patient issue of “help to the toilet when I needed it” and some focused on the importance  of how we standardize the discontinuation of ventilator support in the ICUs. We started this SLC journey with lots of enthusiasm, but there was also lots of anxiety about if this new council structure would work (You know who you are). photo 3

As I have come to expect from a Stanford Nurse, they moved mountains to make the care better and safer. A few of the many examples are:

Ground – Oncology: Nursing staff identified opportunities for improvement around PCA documentation.  The unit council took these opportunities and worked with Pharmacy and the Epic team to craft a documentation solution that was produced and activated on April 8, 2015.

C3 – Medicine Ward: By confirming compliance with the evidence based sepsis bundle, they celebrated improved patient outcomes related to sepsis.

D2/G2S – Telemetry/Intermediate Care: This Council focused on prevention of catheter associated infections. Countermeasures were, re-assessment and focus on Leader Standard Work by the Unit Council members. Compliance with the evidence based practice bundle led to improved patient outcomes related to infection.

E2 – Med/Surg ICU: With a desire to meet family expectations, the council formed a Patient Family Advisory Council and prioritized the development of a Patient Family orientation packet. A patient/family feedback tool was also developed to help increase rate of improvements.

IMG_1107 photo 11

photo 3 photo 2

While we still have lots of opportunities, I believe we have the decision making model that supports the professional registered nurse at the bedside. Thanks to all of the active members of our Shared Leadership Council!

~ Nancy

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